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Partner with the best Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Sansom IT Resolves 4 key problems for Business

IT Service Issues

SMBs don't always get the IT service levels that were promised. Sansom IT  helps your organisation partner with the Cloud and Managed Service Providers that have the capabilities, experience and technology your business needs. 

Controlling IT Costs

IT Services are one of the most substantial costs for any business, and therefore essential to control. Sansom IT's Vendor Management service ensures IT partners deliver services in-line with agreed contracts, rationalises and reduces costs, and stops unexpected bills.

Distraction from Business Priorities

Our typical customer doesn’t want to be distracted by IT Services that don’t add direct value to their customers. We minimise the overhead of using these services by helping them select the right IT Partners and managing them ensuring service consistency and value for money.

IT Security

Don't get caught out because your IT partner hasn't secured your data and applications to the standards required. Sansom IT finds you the service providers that have the capabilities and industry experience your business needs to meet its regulatory and customer obligations. 

IT Partner Selection

Transform IT Services and Support by Outsourcing to Leading Cloud and Managed Service Providers


IT Partner Selection is one of the most important tasks for any business. Getting it wrong reduces productivity and increases the risk profile of the business. Sansom IT leads IT outsourcing initiatives to Cloud and Managed Service Providers, based on the specific needs of the customer. We are technology and vendor agnostic and therefore have no relationships that might prejudice objective decision making.


IT Partner Selection is a bespoke IT consulting service that helps organisations partner with specialist Service Providers for IT Services such as IT Support Services, IT Infrastructure, Desktop Services, Backup and Restore, Disaster Recovery, IT Managed Services, Cloud Services.

IT Partner Selection

Project Management

Experienced project management expertise to lead and drive IT outsourcing and transformation programmes. Implementing IT solutions in a structured, focused approach and delivering on business objectives

Project Management

Vendor Management

Keeping managed service providers aligned with your business is constant work. Leverage Sansom IT's vendor management expertise and client network to get the most out of your partnership

Vendor Management

Workplace Strategy IT Consulting

Sansom IT helps organisations and specialist workplace consultancies asses and deliver the IT elements that support a new workplace strategy such as Activity Based Working or Agile Working.

Workplace Strategy

Why Sansom IT?



  • De-risk complex IT outsourcing and transformation initiatives 
  • Reduce costs with "like for like" competition
  • Proven track record of project delivery



  • Independent IT support throughout project and contract  life-cycle
  • Ongoing  Vendor Management support to ensure consistent service
  • Utilise the latest technology solutions 



  • Leading Service Providers vetted and selected on business priorities
  • Service availability where and when your business needs it
  •  More control over IT spend 

What our Customers Say

First Point Group: Global Recruitment Company

Customer Comment: Alastair Rynish, CEO

We had previously moved from an in-house IT solution and decided to outsource our IT infrastructure to a third-party IT expert. We did select a company. However, we found we did not have the expertise to do good due diligence and select a suitable IT partner. This left us in a frustrating situation with poor service and not sure how to go about moving away and selecting another IT provider without having the same issues. We decided to pay an expert to help us make the right decision. Through a personal recommendation, we were lucky enough to find James (Sansom IT). Initially, we brought in James to help set out the scope and selection procedure. We released it would be a good idea for James to follow this through to implementation and oversee the aftercare. Nearly two years on everything has worked out well and having James on hand greatly helped.

Case Study

Global Information Services Company

Customer Comment: CTO

This work was a major undertaking, and we engaged with James and Sansom IT to manage the programme. Sansom IT helped turn a high-level strategy into a reality, and the outcomes have benefited colleagues across the business. 

IT outsourcing and desktop transformation programme. 1000+ staff, 26 sites located in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America. 

Case Study


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