Sansom IT

About Sansom IT

IT Outsourcing and Project Management Consultancy dedicated to finding SMEs Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Organisations should not have to tolerate sub-standard IT solutions or service levels from their IT partner, internal or external. Our purpose is to find IT solutions and Service Providers that meet the needs of a dynamic workforce and reduce the overhead of IT to the business.

We also benefit service providers by reducing the friction of on-boarding new customers by managing the transition project for the end-user organisation. 

Sansom IT was founded on the principle that IT infrastructure and services such as desktop, backup and restore, DR , offer no point of differentiation for most businesses. Moreover, if these services do not support core business activity and add little direct value to the organisation or its customers, they should be delivered by specialist Cloud or Managed Service Providers. 

This approach gives your organisation more control over IT spend, access to the best technology, and more focus on business priorities.

What we do

For Customers

IT consultancy, assistance with complex decision making

Sansom IT transforms IT services to increase productivity and overcome business impacting challenges, such as poor service, supporting a global business, and the overhead of managing service delivery and associated providers.


We do this by:

  • analysing your business, rationalising current problems, and sourcing IT partners with the capabilities and experience to meet your needs.
  • managing complex transition and transformation projects 
  • providing service management expertise to ensure services are delivered as per agreement and you always have access to an independent IT professional 

For Service Providers


Our goal is to bring quality IT solutions to our customers that are backed by professional service organisations. Therefore, we are always interested in speaking with service providers and learning about the solutions and services on offer. 

Sansom IT is sometimes recommended by service providers to project manage transition works for the end user organisation. We reduce the time it takes to onboard customers by working collaboratively with partner and customer and using our experience to overcome challenges. 

We want the relationship between customer and service provider to succeed, and we support our customers in achieving this.


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