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IT Partner Selection

IT Outsourcing to Cloud and Managed Service Providers

The selection of an IT Service Provider and solutions that meet the needs of the business is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. The risk of getting it wrong could be devastating to the business, especially with an increase in cyber-attacks and the reliance on digital channels for customer engagement. 


Sansom IT provides experienced consultants in a flexible on-demand model to guide organisations through the complex process of outsourcing or changing to a new IT partner. 


Find the Right Partner for Your Business:

Sansom IT  analyses your business requirements and objectives in a customer first approach. This means we can identify the Service Providers with the experience,  technology and capabilities that meet your needs.


Commercial Support:

We support our customers in getting the deal, they are comfortable with and understand the agreements they are entering into.  We work with all parties to improve key contract areas such as service pricing, client lock-in clauses, and service levels.


Focus on Business Priorities:

Major IT projects are a lot of work and can easily become bogged down without constant attention. Moreover, efficient IT departments have to balance competing business priorities. Sansom IT does the project "heavy lifting" for you, and we work closely with internal stakeholders for support with key decision making, raising risks and issues and progress updates.


Independent Advice:

Sansom IT is an independent IT consultancy and therefore has no agreements with any technology vendor or service provider that might prejudice objective decision making. 

Speak with an expert

Sansom IT procures solutions and service providers based on the needs of the customer. We are happy to offer some of our time to discuss existing IT service issues or help initiate any upcoming projects.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Why Sansom IT?



Sansom IT takes a structured customer first approach to any initiative.  Our first step is a thorough analysis of customer requirements, both business and technical


We have in built peer review process on major project checkpoints so our customers benefit from all our senior consultants not just the ones assigned to their project


Sansom IT is creating a team culture based on personal responsibility and learning. We take those key behaviours into our projects


Only invite service providers that specialise in the key technologies your business needs and have the experience and capabilities to deliver them. Real competition between service providers means a better deal for the customer


Continuity between all project and BAU phases such as procurement, transition project and ongoing vendor management


Experienced and detailed analysis of requirements and vendor proposals. Information distilled into key areas such as financial and service differentials 

Case Studies

IT Services: Global Recruitment Company


First Point Group's current IT service provider was under performing. Sansom IT ran a competitive tender after analysing requirements and sourcing a short list of suitable service providers. The outcome was a transformed IT service that enabled all regions to operate efficiently and productively. 

Case Study

IT Outsourcing and Transformation: Global Information Services


Wilmington PLC wanted to outsource IT services to a Managed Service Provider. Sansom IT pulled together the business case and negotiated commercial terms  and conditions and managed the transition project. 

Case Study


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