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IT Vendor Management Consulting

Independent IT vendor management services on-demand

Sansom IT's Vendor Management Service is designed for businesses who do not want the overhead of investing in full time IT staff, or want to augment the skill set of their existing team so they can focus on higher-value tasks.  We help our customers receive contracted IT services at the agreed service levels and help them plan for future initiatives. 

Our goal is for the outsourced relationship between the customer and Managed Service Provider to succeed, and we support our customers in achieving this.

Service Overview:

  • Arrange and attend service review meetings: including reviewing performance statistics, billing, support escalations, project works, user feedback
  • Advise on and escalate priority issues 
  • Provide clarity on contractual obligations or issues
  • Rationalise project works and supplier proposals 
  • Attend board meetings and supply independent analysis and perspective

Businesses can leverage Sansom IT's Vendor Management service and customer network to ensure consistent service delivery and keep your IT partner aligned to your business. We also help clarify customer responsibilities and work collaboratively to overcome issues.  

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Proactive Vendor Management is about getting the most from your Managed Service Provider and keeping your business operational with minimal distraction from core business activity. We are happy to give up some of our time to discuss your needs and offer advice where possible. 

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Why Sansom IT



Sansom IT takes a structured customer first approach to any initiative.  Our first step is a thorough analysis of customer requirements, both business and technical


We have in built peer review process so our customers benefit from all the experience in the business


Sansom IT is creating a team culture based on personal responsibility and learning. We take those key behaviours into our projects


 Our customers expect excellent service or we help them change to a service provider that meets their needs

IT Costs

We help customers control and reduce IT spend 

Case Studies

Ongoing Management Post Implementation Project


Sansom IT helped First Point Group get the right levels of service post implementation of the new service.  

Cased Study

BLOG: How do I get the most out of my IT Managed Service Provider?


When you transition to a managed service provider for some or all of your IT needs, it is not a silver bullet to all problems IT. The reality is you are swapping one set of problems associated with internal IT delivery for a different problem, managing your IT partner.  



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