Vendor Management

Independent IT management expertise on-demand

Because Sansom IT work with an array of service providers on a regular basis, we are well placed to assist our customers with ongoing service delivery and any new initiatives. Businesses can leverage Sansom IT's Vendor Management service and customer network to ensure consistent service delivery and keep your IT partner aligned to your business. We also help clarify customer responsibilities and work collaboratively to overcome issues. 

Our goal is for the outsourced relationship between the customer and Managed Service Provider to succeed, and we support our customers in achieving this.

What we do: 

  • Arrange and attend service review meetings: including reviewing performance statistics, billing, support escalations, project works, user feedback
  • Escalate priority issues to the service provider
  • Provide clarity on contractual obligations or issues
  • Rationalise project works and supplier proposals 
  • Attend board meetings and supply independent analysis and perspective

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Proactive Vendor Management is about getting the most from your Managed Service Provider.  It is about making sure the terms of the contract are fulfilled and monitoring performance and service levels. It is about validating any new initiatives and ensuring  value for money.

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